Friday, February 24, 2006

SPF: Bedside secrets

This week Kristine, now located at her new residence since her recent blogger break-up, has asked us to show our SPF best. Or our best this week. So here's the assignment:

  • the inside of your nightstand drawer
  • a good book you’ve read
  • your favorite lamp

The inside of my nightstand drawer: I don't have a drawer so you'll have to settle for the top of my nightstand table, which I'm sure you'll find equally scary. I have this thing about magazines. I think it's because it's the most time commitment I can make to reading material at the moment. Look at the pretty pictures and move on.

A good book I've read: As I mentioned earlier it's been awhile since I've given reading a good book a chance so here again we'll have to settle for just a book I've read. I usually donate all the books I've read so this is one book I just happed to still have in the house.

Yes, that is "Blair" from Facts of Life. It's a good book, but I don't agree with everything she says. I guess that's true of most books with me though. I take what I need and discard the rest.

My favorite lamp: My mom gave this to me and I sort of used it as an inspiration for other things I've purchased on my way to grown-up furniture. I was going through a shabby-chic phase for awhile and this lamp helped me make the break.

The outlet adapter and the Lego are the boy's nod to decor around this house.

Did you play??



Candy said...

Man, there are a lot of magazines on there, woman! You should be doing *ahem* other things in bed! Like the lamp... I refuse to touch that book.

Drama Mama said...

I couldn't live without my junk drawer! Like the lamp. I played..