Friday, February 17, 2006

SPF: Glory Be!

Kristine wants to see our Stuff (PF) in its glory this week. Okay, you asked for it:

2. STEREO (do we still call them that?)

Under my bed: All the organizational gurus say to use this space for additional storage. I'm thinking under my bed is not what they had in mind.

That is my boxed wedding dress under the bed. That dress looks like a satin and lace factory exploded. A decade and a half ago my grandmother told me I should save the dress for my daughter, which would have be a fine plan if I didn't have BOYS. Really does anyone believe my future daughter-in-law will want to wear even a portion of this dress someday? Even I can't delude myself about that notion.

Along with the dress are three Rubbermaid bins of crap I want to get up on Ebay. I just never seem to have the time. I should just donate all that crap, but I really, really want to sell it. It's a sickness.

My pots and pans: When I was pimping Pampered Chef a couple of years ago under the fascinating Mrs. Dallas K I was able to build up my culinary collection. I also have a ton of stones which is what I use for most of my oven cooking. Hmm, I only see one PC pan in there and a lid. Maybe a picture from the other cabinet would have been a better choice?

My stereo: It's old, but it works. Mostly it's to play the kid's music. I think there are two Veggie Tales CD's and a Carrie Underwood CD in the disc player. I just don't get into all the new fangled music accessories. If I listen to music it's while I'm on the computer.

There's my stuff. Did you show yours?



Renee said...

Happy SPF!!

I played:)

ZuphChic said...

Do you recommend the Carrie Underwood CD? I've been going through a music-buying phase but haven't checked hers out yet...

Moody Mammy said...

Show us the pampered chef pans, girl!
I played!

hemlock said...

I just recently bought my wedding dress, and was still in awe that I paid such cash for ONE DAY. Still boggles my mind.

Happy SPF!

mandoelin said...

Carrie Underwodd's CD ROCKS!!!!! Go and but it for'll love it!!!

mandoelin said...

I meant BUY it oops....

Jen said...'s been two years and my dress is still hanging in the closet. I just can't decide whether I want to have it preserved or just put it on EBay.

I played too. :o)

Kami said...

Yeah, that dress of yours has some poof. ;)

Mama C said...

Great stuff! Your under the bed is way better than mine. I played!

FutureFoodTVStar said...

I need to get in on the pampered chef pimping.. I cant afford much any other way. Maybe I'll talk to Kami this weekend about it.

Look forward to meeting you tomorrow night.

I played.

SoozieQ said...

Wow, the space under your bed is small, huh? Great SPF.

Have a wonderful weekend!