Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A River Runs Through It

A river of laundry detergent.

It seems my liquid laundry detergent decided to commit suicide in my absence and threw itself off my dryer. Its innards are all over the floor. We scooped a good portion of it off the floor, but we were at a loss as to how to get the rest of goo off the floor. Mostly we just scooped and dumped it all into a bucket, but since all this muck fell on concrete and it's porous welp, I was just f---ed. Fortunately my Comadre was over to have dinner thinking we'd have a nice relaxing evening eating pizza and watching LOST. Instead she spend the better part of her 4 hour visiting shoveling fresh clean glop off my floor with me. Is that a friend indeed or what?

And despite the hysterical laughter of a woman gone mad (oh wait, that was me) I still had the wherewithal to grab my camera knowing I would blog this moment. That there econo-size detergent container was empty. I just bought it. Unloaded the bugger out of my paddle wagon right before the kids and I took off to the park.

You know the pain of all this doesn't even end at getting the stuff off the floor. First we had to disconnect the washer and the dryer to get behind them and clean. Then I had to use ever towel in the house to sop up detergent so when I went to take a shower this morning, you guessed it NO towels! I had to dry with a friggen washcloth. All of my papers that were to be shredded are now saturated in Tide knock-off. My throw rugs are goopy as are the piles of clothes that were waiting to be laundered. There is enough detergent in each article of clothing to wash 6 loads so I'm having to wash one or two items at a time or end up in a bubbly mess.

How very I Love Lucy.

Anyway, if you've wondered where I've been - and I know you have - that's what has been keeping me out of the bars. I'll be back soon with all my charming anecdotes, don't you worry a bit.

The DHW, who will return to the store to buy *powdered* detergent that can be swept up and tossed into a trash can should we have a detergentcide epidemic in our home


Candy said...

I shouldn't laugh... really I shouldn't...

Greta said...

I knew i don't buy liquid detergent for some reason... At least it was on concrete instead of carpet or something like that..WHew would that have been a mess?

Moody Mammy said...

That sucks. Better you than me. Glad you have helpful friends!

Mama C said...

That happened to me too. I used napkins to sop it up and then a few towels to dry wasn't nearly the big mess you had. sorry.

Krisco said...

That's too funny!

oops...I mean, dang! What a mess!

Okay, it is a bummer. But it was also kind of funny - detergentcide. That was funny!

JK said...

This post is freakin hilarious!
Thanks for the giggle so early this morning! ;)