Friday, February 10, 2006

SPF: I Heart Love

Today's SPF is brought to you by Kami as she babysits for a hooky-playing Kristine this week.

~ What you love most about your home
~ What you love least about your home
~ What you love most about yourself

So let's play on...

What I love most about my home. I love that it's finally starting to grow up. For years we have lived in a home that looked first like a frat house after rush. All of our furniture had been put together with an alan wrench and was made of MDF. Classy. We've slowly given away, donated or burned all that dorm decor and are buying real furniture (at least in some of the house). Oh, and do ignore the piles of Valentine's crap on the the grown-up table. I am room mom for J-boy and therefore in charge of putting together V-day goodie bags for the kids to take home on Tuesday.

What I (also) love about my home. This window looks out over the back yard. I am able to cook dinner without critters underfoot and still keep an eye on them. It's the next closest thing to heaven I've found. I turn my CD player on and watch my boys play on the swings, build car trails out of dirt and roll around in the grass with the dog and still get things done. It's awesome!

What I love least about my home. The floor. I hate our floors. For a short time our home was a rental and so everything was done el rancho. The carpet is nasty. It's gray office carpet with no padding. I cannot even begin to imagine the ick that has accumulated over the past 7 years and 2 kids since we've moved back in this place. Then there is the tile. It's white shower tile on the floor. It's slicker than deer guts when wet and my boys have busted their ass on it more times than I can count. Finally we feel our kids are old enough that it's worth the investment of new floors so this spring we'll be taking the plunge.

What I love most about me. My friends. I think they are a total reflection of my spirit, values, personality and humor. But that's the easy answer, no? And it's not really what I like about me. Okay, so I'll put modesty aside and throw my answer on the table: I'm smart.

Now don't let the fact I put a picture of my degree up there mislead you. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have an education (my Comadre is about the smartest person I know and doesn't have a degree, yet I am totally in awe of what is rocking around in her mind). So again, it's not about the "formal" education, it has more do with the fact a picture of my brain is hard to come by and would, frankly, be oogy. I am not talking about book smarts anyway. What I'm talking about are things like I learn quickly, I retain information, information generally just clicks and when I do fuck up (and believe me I *do*) I learn from the mistakes. I am not afraid of public speaking (good thing since I worked with the media before I had kids) and I feel like I can communicate with people and help them see something they might not have seen without me.

The DHW, who has to love her mind since her body is in need of serious repair


TBG said...

I love adult furniture it is the best!

I played!

sullen girl said...

"slicker than deer guts when wet" GREAT visual, hahaha :)

I love the dark wood in your dining room - my hubby and I are leaning toward that color for ours now that we're moving up to adult furniture too :)

I played :)

hemlock said...

Your dining room set rocks. We're slowly working our way out of 'student' furniture and into real stuff. It's still put together with that fancy IKEA tool, but it's looking better.

Happy SPF!

Carrie said...

'slicker than deer guts' - that's quite the metaphor! :)

I played. :)

Kami said...

Why don't I remember the table being that color? I love it!!

MoaC said...

Ooooh, grown-up furniture. *sigh*

I played too.

Kristine said...

All the grown up furniture we have was given to us by our parents. I honestly can't look around and see ANYTHING we've bought that isnt' made of MDF!!

I played too

Amy said...

Oh NO! What happened to the boob photo? But seriously, you are super-smart and y'all have done such a great job with the house. Can't wait to see the new floors!