Monday, February 27, 2006

Proper Flip Flop Style

Let's talk about the correct way to size flip flops.

I'm one of those people who fall into a half size, 7 1/2 if you're interested. I know the flip flop manufacturers suggest you go up a size if you fall in to the "half" group, but I don't know. When I go up I find I'm getting more of a shlep shlop than a true flip flop.

So the last time I went to Target I went ahead and bought a size 7. They fit fine, but my heel extends all the way to the end of the "shoe" (Papa prefers I put shoe in quotes because he doesn't understand how a flip flop can be considered a shoe by any stretch of the imagination). I fear it may look just small enough to be wrong.

What do you do?

-E, who thinks she wears a 7 1/4 in flip flops


Amy said...

I wear a 9 1/2-10. I usually get a 10 flip-flop, but I bought a pair of Reefs in a 9 because they didn't have the 10. I actually like the way they fit, because they feel more secure, but yes, my heel is all the way at the end. I'm sure Kami will tell us what is the right answer here *grin*

Krisco said...

Schlip schlop go a size up.

You can't have the foot falling off the back.

of the "shoe" : )

But I'm with you, that's a pain.

(PS a little late, but - like the new name and tag line!:)

Candy said...

My feet are entirely too fugly to be ever seen in a flip-flop. 'Sides I have these huge wide feet... goodness only knows how much I'd have to spend to get ones that actually fit!

JK said...

Hiya, Candy! Haven't heard from you in FOREVER! Send me the link to YOUR blog so that I can catch up on the happenings in Austin. :)

Oh, and regarding the flip-flop dilemma. I HATE it when people wear sandals/flip-flops that are too small. BIG pet peeve of mine. Or when the toes are hanging over the top? Nasty!


Mama C said...

Yes! NO to toes hanging over the tops! I'd go with the ones that feel secure not the size that makes you feel like you are gonna fall out of your shoes.