Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thirteen Thursday: Week In Review

Today's Thirteen Thursday has us taking inventory of our week's activities. This is probably a good exercise for me since at the end of each day I find myself think "where the hell has this week gone?" So thanks Krisco for the reflection.

1. Found out my birth control pill had been recalled and went to the doctor for a supply of samples that actually would prevent pregnancy. Sheesh!

2. Kept a sick kid home from school and took said sick kid on errands with me. Oh and since he wasn't that sick we went to Le Madeleine for a cheese pizza for him and tomato basil soup for me.

3. Bought black pants and a white shirt with a collar for first grader's school performance.

4. Taught twelve 3 and 4 year olds how to make a Mardi Gras float.

5. Had dinner with my best friend from high school who was also my maid of honor. She is a criminal defense attorney so I gave her a dollar as a retainer, just in case.

6. Went and checked on my comadre's cat since her and her family were in Boston.

7. Had lunch with my mom.

8. Hosted three play dates for school and neighborhood kids.

9. Had a meeting about next year's program at my work.

10. Helped 18 first graders get their costumes on for dress rehearsal.

11. Made dinner 3 times.

12. Had dinner with the in-law's.

13. Ran to Target 3 times.

Tell me what you've done.


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