Sunday, October 30, 2005

These Boots Are Made For ... WTF?

Lately I've been having a style crisis. Today's subject shoes.

Is there a contest going on as to who can create and sell the most absurd shoes ever? Because if there is such a contest then I've seen some real contenders. I want to find something comfortable, stylish, affordable and fun that doesn't cross the line to ridiculous. How hard can that be?

So I'm crusing the web trying to find something that meets my needs. After all it's a whole big internet world out there and I can sign for delivery. Now I have to ask, is this really considered the latest trends? How about this? I mean these are listed under "latest styles" so am I to assume this is what all the icons of industry will be donning this season? Am I really *that* far off the mark? Because to this self proclaimed ignoramous of fashion those boots are ass ugly.



Kami said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking you need to get both of those if you want to be cool.

Dilly Dilly said...

Pretty scary that I have seen sisters of both styles worn in the local malls.

But then, they were worn by those under the age of 18 with limitless spending accounts from Mumst and Daddy.

cassie said...

were those socks or shoes? $88.95????Really? My shoes of choice are crocs....very comfy, rubber(washable) many colors!