Friday, October 28, 2005

Pimping Popcorn

Tomorrow is the last day to sell popcorn for scouts. We are such procrastinators. Daddy got home at 6:00 tonight, we stopped off for a quick bite at our Friday night spot and then went and hit up most of our family to buy popcorn. Of course who can resist the little Tiger Cub's pitch of "can you help me raise funds for my pack" complete with uniform and hat?

Imagine how well we could have done if we didn't wait until the very last minute? Still one more day to get out the corn. If you know us we're coming your way so pick your popcorn and get out your checkbook.

I know it's so hard to get into all these fundraisers kids have for just about everything. Gift wrap for PTA, book sale for the library, carnivals, game night...yada, yada, yada. Most of the time I wish I could just write the check and skip the commitment, but for scouts we go whole hog. The fact is I think everyone should know how to sell. Even if it's not something one pursues long term the skill alone will help in so many other aspects of life! I mean no one dreams their child is going to be an insurance sales person or a used car sales associate, but at the very least you've got to sell yourself to an employer or a mate. Sell well.


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