Friday, September 02, 2005

SPF: Drinks, Clinks and Crapapalooza

Or just more reason why mommies love mood elevating pharmaceuticals.

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Exhibit 1: Your Drink of Choice

Ah, nothing like the sweet taste of booze and caffeine. In this instance I don't indulge together. I love the Smirnoff Twist, madarine orange flavor. Umm ummm! Takes me back to my high school wine cooler days. I never was a Bud girl...he he! Also a high school vice is my diet coke. I don't care how bad for me it is I need at least one a day. I've gone so far as to get the caffeine free from time to time, but I won't let go of my aspertame or now my Splenda. I must have my coffee in the morning and my diet coke during the day. Hey, I don't smoke, I rarely drink (hell, I've been encouraged to drink *more*), I don't do illegal drugs (though my some of my mom friends and I were talking and agreed we'd try marajuana in brownie form if it was can anything chocolate be bad??) the least I can ask for is my DIET COKE!!!

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