Monday, September 19, 2005

Exactly How Long IS "As Soon As I Have A Chance"?

How long can one reasonably expect to leave a household duty in progress? I'm not talking about maintainence like cleaning the filter or vacuuming (though to me there is a start and finish to the task and by God, the vacuum cleaner should be put away each time). What I'm talking about is a one time, just-get-it done task.

I think my good friend Di's husband holds the all time record. He was supposed to get their 3rd car (the one that he wrecked the driver's side front quarterpanel) fixed and street ready so that they could sell it. Three years next month and it's still sitting in the driveway. Granted there were several steps to this process and many of them have been completed, but the final deed has not been done.

Papa has been promising to shred, burn or otherwise destroy several files we have from when we had our agency. The original documents are with the company and we have the copies. The thing is we no longer have access to the big shredder. We did burn quite a few of the files in the backyard, but really you can only do that so much before the neighbors get a bit ticked.

This desire for me to have a clean garage has been going on for about 6 months. I've sold, purged, donated, rearranged, given-away and/or thrown away more stuff that I am able to enumerate in order to reach this goal. I WANT A CLEAN GARAGE!

So should I just throw it away? Stick it all in a big bag, put it in the big can and set it out at the curb? How long would my guilt last knowing the contents weren't *completely* destroyed before being sent to the landfill? Would the sheer liberation of having yet two more boxes cleared out of the garage mitigate the guilt?

So tell me in word or in deed (i.e. pictures) what is your undone project?



--m said...

I often get side-tracked as I pick up the wake of destruction my two kids leave behind them.
(boy & girl twins 3.5 yrs old)

Also, my blog is my major unfinished project right now. I'm trying to capture a series of crazy events that happened to me in the span of one year. Wish me luck.

Krisco said...

Ohhohohohoho. The big one hanging over my head you will appreciate, because you are SO the opposite - all of my photos work. I will try to get a picture (now there's an irony) up if I can. But I have boxes, and I mean BOXES of photos, and all (or at least a lot) of the Creative Memories stuff....and not a single photo cropped, page started or book made. Nada. But it is all ready to "go". (Even the photo boxes are organized...)

Mama Duck said...

Girl, my whole house has received one, possibly two, thorough cleanings since we moved in in January.

Those dust bunnies aren't going anywhere (although I did hear them dicussing the possibility of a coup)...

Lucky Lum said...

if you want stuff done, start holding out on your husband until he does his jobs.