Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thirteen Thursday: Holiday Worries and Wonders

Today is the day we offer up 13 things about ourselves in order to get to know one another a just a little bit better. Krisco started this train of thought so pop on over and let her know you're on board.

It being November and all I've started my official holiday worrying. Here are some things that are on my brain:

1) Crafts - I have to think of fun, easy-to-do and appropriate or adjustable for ages 7, 5 and 3 crafts for the month of December and three holiday parties. Yes, I plan to use Oriental Trading Company for some of them, but not all of them since those crafts come with lots of pieces. Why is that important? Because if it's too complicated then mommy/teacher ends up doing the project and that's not really the goal.

2) Presents - I've started buying for the boys, but everyone else is being thrown under a bus at this point. I don't know what people want. Hell, I don't know what I want. This time of year seems so commercialized and hum bahg-y that I'm starting to dread it sooner and sooner each year. I love the season and the tradition, but the gift giving makes me crazy.

3) The Teacher Gifts - It's the time of year to hit up parents for money to buy the teacher a gift. It's not hard and I don't mind doing it, but there seems to be a sense of expectation that as co-room parent we're supposed to also be everyone's personal reminder service. I'm sorry, but there is nothing that bothers me as much as being told "remind me". Um, no. Write a little note and remind yourself. I got enough to keep up with all on my ownsome.

4) Parties - There are at least three to be organized. Crafts, goodies to eat, goodies to take, time, place and so many other details.

5) The Politics of Family - It never fails that we are expected in multiple places at the same time. We've managed to get Christmas pretty well worked out, but even after 16 years of togetherness we're still struggling with Thanksgiving.

6) Flu Shots - I've got to get my older, asthmatic child a flu shot. The pediatrician's office says they'll call when their in, but I haven't heard. I'm afraid to keep calling them fearing they'll place me on "stalker status".

7) Food - It's always so busy this time of year that we end up eating out way too much. I've done a lot of prep work on several meals so we're not tempted to drive-thru. The cost of eating out just kills me.

8) Weight - And of course, there is the extra baggage we take into the new year in the form of added pounds (and time with our family).

9) Exercise - Both for my sanity and the aforementioned weight, I need to walk. I must create time. I love that my days are free, but I feel like there is a lot of pressure to spend time with people during the hours my kids are in school. In order to walk I have to put me first. Not exactly the spirit of the season, no?

10) Me Time - I get very little of this despite my mostly-stay-at-home status. I think some people have the impression that since I don't clock into a 9 to 5 every day that I'm available at a moments notice. Not so. My day is pretty much set the night before and I'm not really good with being flexible. I mark out my 5 priority goals before I go to bed and work really hard to get them done so I feel that I've accomplished something. Once those 5 things are checked off I do something for ME. Frankly, that happens very little because I'm constantly getting waylaid into meeting someone else's need. Other women have talked to me about this problem. I've heard Oprah, but for me, the problem persists.

11) The Cars - Both of them need oil changes, but we can't make the time for auto-wellness. Very bad.

12) The House - It's a disorganized mess. I'm trying. I can't promise it will get any better over the holidays.

13) Cards - I have every intention of sending out timely, creative and personal cards this year. Last year I took a picture of the boys, uploaded to Snapfish for cards to be delivered to my house and called it done. It's looking like a repeat performance.

Okay, share your stuff or make up some Thirteens of your own!


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