Saturday, November 25, 2006

Allrightee Then!

Two of my "peeps" also have birthdays in November. I wanted to commemorate their special days with a token of my love and appreciation. I picked up a calendar for each of them and brought it to our weekly knit night. In the calendar there was a new pattern for each day of the year. Wow, I thought, what fun to be inspired by yarn and creativity every morning you wake up.

One of the girls opened the packaging to check out the patterns we saw some perfectly lovely projects that we will attempt at knit night or another time. However, it did become painfully obvious around February that the publishers were, at times, reaching to fill up the entire year. The project that led us to that conclusion was a Valentine's knitted thong. Yes, indeed! I have to wonder, what kind of yarn would you use for this pattern? I think I'd have to run screaming from wool on this one. And the novelty fibers would be uncomfortable with all their bumps and glitter, no?

Girls, Happy Birthday and I hope you do like your calendars. If you decided to knit that thong be sure to bring it to the next knit night for show and tell.


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Crystal R. R. Edwards said...

I'm so totally going to rag on you guys if you knit that in the middle of Starbuck's. Of course, I have a pattern for a hand-crocheted bra from the 1920's that I'm thinking of making in celebration of my new boobs, so maybe I can make that while you guys do the thong thing. We'll be the most popular people at Bux!