Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just Wondering

How many times do you invite someone to a recurring event that is a schedule conflict for that person before it is considered annoying? And then when you stop inviting them, but others are talking about it, is that rude? It's one of those fine line things. You want to invite the person because you don't want them to feel like you don't want them there, but they never come so why keep extending yourself? You feel me? I mean if that person came every once in awhile I could see maintaining the invitation, but if they consistently decline isnt' it time to move on?



Beth said...

I'd "probably" just let them know it's an open invite, and if they can come great if not oh well, but I wouldn't keep asking more then a couple times.

Candy said...

See, this is where I get confused. If I don't invite them, they ask why I don't... sigh. So, I keep inviting and figure they'll show up eventually. I use evite for everything so I figure they can remove themselves from the list, ya know?

JK said...

That's what I was gonna suggest, Candy. Just use evite and there will be no "hard feelings". :)

Mama C said...

No! Keep inviting. Maybe they truly have conflicts.

You never invite me!