Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day Three and Counting

Today marks the third day The Negotiator has been home sick. He doesn’t even appear to be on the mend. He’s been running a fever since Monday night. This morning Papa clocked him at 101 once the Motrin wore off. Crap. He’s itchy, but doesn’t have chicken pox. There were about 8 known cases of chicken pox in his school, but this isn’t it. We’re trotting back to the doctor today.

I’ve been out of work this week too. I’ve done some work from home, but I miss being around the other teachers. I miss our playground time. Of course the weather has been pretty crappy so there wasn’t any playground time on Tuesday.

I’m trying to get caught up at home. It just seems mail, laundry and dishes multiply at an alarming rate. I did laundry on Monday and I have 3 spanking new loads to do on Thursday. The paperwork, oh, the paperwork. I curse the mailman everyday he brings be more crap to slog through. It’s bad enough that I’m on every junk mail list in the commerce driven world, but so is my family. I get mail for at least four members of our family each week. Oh, and let us not forget John Smith’s correspondence. A few years ago when Papa was working at That Agency I had our number listed under John Smith so as to not be detected and still not have to pay for a non-published number. Well, Mr. Smith gets a lot of mail still. I’m not complaining, mind you. He gets some awesome coupons in the mail that I feel obliged to use on his behalf. After all what is Mr. Smith going to do with a free pair of panties from Victoria’s Secret? Wait! Don’t answer that.

I need to catch up with my Scouts. Dates and places have changed for activities and I have to pass that information along. I’ve not been a very good leader this last week. That thought is mitigated by the fact that I have been a pretty darn good teacher this week. All of The Negotiator’s schoolwork has come home and I’ve been going over it all with him. When he has energy we try to knock out a few worksheets and I’ll read to him or he’ll read to me. Then we take a break and go our separate ways until it’s time to come back and take care of a little more business. He seems to retain information better in small amounts. Makes sense to me. I think most people do not learn well under the Camel school of learning.

Okay, off to call the doctor. Y’all come back now, ya hear!


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