Friday, August 11, 2006

School, Car Crap and a Little Hanging On By A Thread

School is about to start around these parts. We've been spending our time getting supplies together, cleaning out our wardrobes, and filling in the blanks. I started back to stuff with the PTA and Scouts already. Makes the actual start of school seem almost anticlimactic. Well, no, there is still the pure joy of having both the boys in school and a house to myself for at least 3 days a week. I can finally tend to those piles that I am putting off until "someday". It seems "someday" starts Tuesday.

Papa and I are sharing Scout duties this year. He did a great job last year, but I am definitely the planner and organizer of the two. He is by far the better executer of tasks. We will each go with our strengths and have a kick-bum den. That's the plan anyway.

I took my truck in for her wellness stuff. Let me say the down side to not having a car payment is having repairs. Still and all, the damage to my wallet was much less than a new car so I'm okay, once Papa talked me down from my invoice-shocked ledge. My truck is purring like a kitten and I'm going to get her a bath today. She'll be all ready for school too.

I am ready for my kids to go back to school. I know, I work with kids, and I'm really excited to start back with them. I'm ready to get a break from my own kids. Y'see as a teacher I get the best of the little darlings. They listen, they don't back, the follow instructions (for the most part) and the follow rules (again, for the most part). To my own kids I am mom and I do not get the benefit of adoring students. We have spent a lovely **voice dripping with sarcasm** past eleven weeks enjoying each other's company. I think it's all time we made friends our own age. Do you know how much I miss being able to just run into a store? The battle of "can I take my gameboy in to the store with me?" every time we go anywhere is about to undo me. Not to mention during the summer I work less and spend more so my budget could do with getting back on a routine too.


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Cheryl said...

That's awesome that you got your truck fixed. At least you don't have to shell out another 20-30K on a new one, right?

I'm so jealous of all you mommies that get to send your kiddos off to school next week. Ty's b-day is on Sept. 4th and the cutoff is the first. UGH!!! One more year to go. I... Can... Do... It...