Monday, August 21, 2006

The Golden Cheesecake?

Went out with the moms again. Sort of a gathering of what is left of our sanity after having sent our young off to school. I didn't bring a camera, but if you're really interested in all the broughaha you can check our Crystal and Candy for more information.

I'm going to use my moment to discuss The Cheesecake Factory. Good night their food is expensive. Was it that expensive the first time we went? I was thinking it was a fairly good location for all who would be in attendance, but yee haw it was pricey. For one drink, a shared appetizer and a dessert I shelled out $30. Gadzooks!

I think next time I'm going to stick with Bunco potluck so as to keep the cost of a MNO to a minimum. You can get friends together to eat, drink and chat without having to take out a second on the house, no?


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