Monday, July 03, 2006

More Pointless Chitter Chatter

This blog is called My Polluted Stream of Consciousness for a reason.

...does anyone know how, or more importantly have you ever, removed popcorn from the ceilings. I'm talking about the acoustical stuff as opposed to the movie snack.

...speaking of movies, we took the boys to see "Cars". Cutest movie I've seen in awhile! Loved it! I was the one busting out laughing in the theater.

...July 1 starts my unofficial Christmas shopping season. I bought a bunch of plastic buckets to use as baskets for gifts. I also decided which homemade goodies I'm going to give this year so I can keep an eye out for sales on the ingredients.

...this fall I'm going to ride my bike to work. I figure I work .5 miles away. I finally got a bike so I can darn well get my ass to work on it. Unless it's raining. Or I have to bring a lot of stuff for a project. mom's group was supposed to start a knitting/crocheting group. Hasn't happened yet. I want to learn more. Because you know I need yet another thing to keep me occupied.

...I read somewhere that you can preserve fresh herbs by freezing them in an ice cube tray with a little water. I did this with cilantro the other day and it worked great. I made salsa today and added a few cilantro cubes.

...I have an eBay feedback gripe. If I'm the buyer isn't my only obligation to the seller to pay in full and in a timely manner? Why on earth then should I have to post my feedback in order to receive feedback from the seller. Once my money is paid I should be considered an outstanding partner in this transaction. I don't like the idea of a seller holding positive feedback hostage. Pffft.

...I've been building my bar. This time with my rocking big teacher's paycheck I bought the staples of any Texas bar: Tequila and Triple Sec. You know, margarita makings. I figure I'll buy one bottle of something every check and I'll have a delightful selection of beverages for those mom's nights out. I want to get vanilla vodka next time so that I an make these.

Okay, I think I've numbed your brain enough for now. Thanks for letting me babble.



Lisa said...

ebay. I absolutely HATE that!! I pay as soon as I win. I hate that!!

I don't leave feedback anymore. Period. Sorry, but it's a waste of my time, and I don't like building someone elses number to turn around and not get any in return.

Lisa said...
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Beth said...

Never done the cealings, but heard they're a bitch. Not hard, just messy as can be. Do they really bother you? ;-)