Thursday, July 06, 2006

This Takes The Cake

You know I love my in-laws, right?

I do. I just think sometimes they're crazy. I go right along with it because I love them. And because I'm waiting for the men in the pretty white coats to come and make everything all better.

So it should come as no surprise to me, if not to you, that tonight we had a birthday party. Arranged by the birthday boy's "mom", also known as my sister-in-law, or rather my brother-in-law's wife. And I love her. So I supported her. And graciously welcomed her to have her party here. The birthday party.

For a dog.

Complete with a cake. And singing.

The kids were pissed that they didn't get any part of the cake and guessing this might be the case I took the liberty of making brownies so we humans wouldn't be completely left out in the cold.

Happy birthday, Charlie!


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