Monday, July 31, 2006

Crazy Knitters

I went to my first knitting convention this weekend. I guess it was called a knitting convention. I went to hear The Yarn Harlot speak.

Now ordinarily I wouldn't think there'd be too much to say about knitting, but this woman was FUNNY. The other thing you have to say about these knitters is they know how to make you feel welcome. As I was waiting for my two crazy knitting fools to go get their books signed, I was treated to beer and chocolate from the good folks at Hill Country Weavers. In fact, if you look closely at TYH's Austin post you'll see me in one of the pictures enjoying my brew. Look closely, it's the picture right below the group shot at the chuch (read her post and that might not seem as crazy as it sounds...then again, it's Austin, it might). Anyway, I'm the one in the blue shirt holding a beer.

So maybe Crystal will get her pictures up on her craft blog and you can see what the fun was really all about. In fact I'm going to let them learn me how to knit. I know what you're thinking - I don't really need anything else to keep me occupied. And you'd be right, but doesn't our beautiful city need another person creating scarves, hats and socks in a 100 degree climate?

Just doin' my part to Keep Austin Weird.


UPDATE - in finding links for this post I found a whole section on Leslie, our city's cross-dressing perpetual mayoral candiate. I am astounded that Leslie has his own Wikipedia entry. (I know some of you will be more shocked by Leslie than the fact he has a Wikipedia entry, but stay with me here.) What's next celebrities playing the bongos naked in the middle of the night?

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