Friday, January 27, 2006

SPF: Crafting, Creepy and Crinkling

Today Kristine give us the following assignment for Stuff Portrait Friday:
Your Toys
Your Secret
Your Eyes

Hmmm. This was kind of a toughie for me. I am tempted to put my kids toys up here because God knows they're all over the flipping house. Still this blog is supposed to be more about me. Boring! Okay, so here's what I came up with

My toys Just a small sampling off all the scrapbooking, card-making, paper crafting crap I own and use. I could've said this was my secret, but really it's just more of a sickness and Papa knows all about it so it ain't much of a secret.

My Secret: My comadre tells me these socks are creepy. I think they're fabulous! I fully expect Kami will fug-flog me for these, but they're so warm and cozy, dammit it's worth the price. I have tile in my home. I am a native Texas with thin blood (thought that's the only thing thin about me). I get cold easily! I need something to keep my tootsies warm.

My eyes: I do NOT like this assignment. My eye area is in serious need of a brow wax and pluck to speak nothing of the tiny crinkles forming around said eyes. So you've been warned...

Didja play??



Het said...

I think your eyes are beautiful! I love your toys... :) I would love to come and play!

now - the socks. ummm do you realize your toes don't need their own holes?? :) other than the toe thing - I'm with you on the socks.

Kami said...

I like those socks!

Drama Mama said...

I Love Toe Socks! And these are too cute with all the colors and junk!

Right there with you on the native Texan bit. Seriously though. I went outside this morning and needed a jacket. Made me so mad I almost called in to work. ;)

Football Widow said...

Toe socks freak me out. I can't stand stuff between my toes. It always takes me a while to get used to flip flops in the summer.

Moody Mammy said...

Those toe socks would drive me crazy to put on, but they're kinda cool to look at.

Mama C said...

EWWWW on the socks. I cannot wear anything tween the toes. YOur toys rock and the eyes are beautiful. I played too.

Greta said...

I LOVE toe socks..aren't they the most comfy and warmest thing you own...if my feet are warm the rest of my body is also.. :)~

JK said...

I'm right with ya on the "toy" stuff. She who dies with the most scrap stuff wins, right? hehe

I never got into toe socks. I got a pair as a gift a few years ago and after a few attempts, they went right to Goodwill.