Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Creative Discipline?

Tonight the boys were fighting and resorted to hitting one another. Papa tells them both to take a time out, one on one wall and one on the other wall. Then Papa tells them that they will stay there until they hug each other and tell the other they love the other. Or what, inquires J-boy. Or you'll sit there until you do.

Stand off.

Fine thinks Papa. Then he tells them they better hurry up and make up or he's going to make them hug, say I love you AND sing the Barney "I love you, you love me" song.

They're now playing nicely in the living room.

I had to leave the kitchen table before I busted out laughing while Papa was doing a fine job at being the disciplinarian. I wonder what he'll come up with when they're teenagers. You know he does love his petty tortures.



Moody Mammy said...

Good for Papa. I've tried making mine sit on the couch until they made up, but it didn't turn out so well.

JK said...

Love the "Barney" part. I'll have to try that one with my rambunctious 8 1/2 year old! ;)


Beth said...

Hehehe, we use to have to sit on the floor on our hands facing each other till we gave each other a hug....I do like the addition of the barney song ;-)

Kami said...

Wow. He is such an old meanie.

Mama C said...

Awww. That sounds mean. I wouldn't want to hug someone who pissed me off. Can't wait to see what he thinks up next.

Drama Mama said...

Love IT! I am totally trying that.

TBG said...

That was hysterical, that will show them. Torture having to sing the barney song to your brother torture!