Monday, January 23, 2006

LOST in Love

I love the TV show LOST.


I. Love. This. Show.

Papa and I Netflixed the whole first season and have spent our last two weekends watching 25 episodes to get caught up. He got the podcast of the first 11 episodes of this season and we're watching them on the computer one episode a day.


I am DVR-ing (is that a word??) all the episodes I don't have downloaded and I am determined to be caught up by the time the season finale parties begin.



MoaC said...

I love LOST as well. I even got the 1st season on DVD for Christmas. (It's still in the shrink wrap. Shhh.) I guess I better get those watched so I can catch the second season when they restart it, then I'll be all caught up in time for the third season. (Whew, no wonder it's all chaos. ;o)

Mama C said...

I'm another LOST fanatic. I love Charlie, I mean Jack. Can't escape Party of Five. Loved that show too. It only gets better! Hurry up and catch up!

Krisco said...

I STILL have never seen that show. That's a downside to Tivo; I rarely surf and stumble into something, even when I've heard it's good.

Although amazingly overdue, I *finally* responded to your meme from long, long ago! (December). Thanks for tagging me. :)

Storybookheroine said...

This is kinda an odd comment to leave but if you are a big lost fan there will be a very special "Addicted To Lost" commercial at half time. If you miss it you can go to the website (ABC's I think) any download it. I hear it turned out very well. Thanks for helping me forfill my quota of useless info before I hit the sack. ^^