Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Write Checks

Excuse my vent.

We have one check card between the two of us. It’s in Papa’s name so he keeps it and I have the number for online purchases.

I write checks. I used to have a check card, but I’m just not that responsible. I’d forget what I swiped where and there were little purchases – that eventually added up to big purchases – just hanging in the air and not in our check register.

I like checks. It makes me accountable when I have to write out *exactly* how much I’m spending at the time of purchase and to whom. It also gives me a record of what I spent that I can keep in one place and not in 15 tiny pieces of paper at the bottom of my purse.

So it makes me a tad irked when a store clerk looks at me and says “you *know* we run all our checks through as an electronic debit?”


Frankly after I give you my little paper IOU I don’t give a flying fandango what you do with it. And then they make me sign a second piece of paper after I filled out and signed the check. Can I just had them over a blank check and be done with it since I’ve got to fill out all their ancillary paperwork anyway?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with EFT’s. I just don’t like the ‘tude that comes along with it.


Okay, that’s it. Thanks.


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