Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Big Game

Oh, not the game all of Texas is talking about today (though it IS very important). I'm talking about the one going on in MY house.

Testosterone vs. Estrogen

The boys are taking over and then inching in my space. We specifically set up the guest room in our house to be Mommy's Space. It's got all my crafts, my laptop, a small tv and just last week I bought a small comfy chair for reading and knitting at Goodwill.

Today I walked into my happy place and found a boy in my comfy chair watching a BOY show. Excuse me? If it ain't Lifetime it shouldn't be in Mommy's Space. Get out.

Now they're all excited because people are coming over to watch the game with us tonight. We'll have food and the game? They are well on their way to becoming little men.



Krisco said...

That's awesome to have your own space.

With all those boys and little men around - you need it!

abbracco said...

A long time ago in a post you mention an Andy Bracco-

where did you live at the time?

-E said...

At the time I lived in Wilsonville, OR. It was in 1976. 1977? My memory fades. HTH!