Friday, April 14, 2006

SPF: Bunny Themed

Welcome to Stuff Portrait Friday. This week's assignment is loosely Easter related, if you stretch your mind to it's very limits. Special thanks to Kristine who hosts this adventure.

1. Your Peeps - introduce us to some of your friends outside of the blog world.
2. Something Fuzzy - *shaking head* you guys keep it clean.
3. Something/Someone you want to dye/die - Yeah, shut up, you’ve thought of it!

My Peeps

Once a month me and my beyotches get together and do something wild and crazy. We had a smaller turn out than usual due to the Easter Holiday so not all my peeps represent.

That's me, Hot Mama, Drama Queen, Hooters and Blonde Bird. We're here for a baby shower. In a bowling alley. Can you get any classier? Sorry for the dark pictures, but the "leaguers" insist on no flash photography because it distracts their game. WHATEVER! I plan to edit these before sending them to Flickr, but y'all get the crappy version. Sorry.

Hooters is doing her best to give her girls some props, but when you've birthed and breast-fed two kids in two years, well gravity deals you a tough hand. She's thinking maybe she'll have augmentation and go up as size or so as demonstrated here:

Blonde Bird's shirt says "Swallows" and has two lovely birdies on the front. We just tell everyone she's a bird lover.

Now ordinarily I abhor beer, but when the nice, ahem, gentleman in the next lane bought us a round it seemed wrong not to at least have one beer. You know, in a bowling alley, when the beer is ice cold, drinking a Bud Lite seems somehow right. Since Hot Mama could not partake of the beer, he bought her a four Snickers. Mmmkay.

Something Fuzzy

My pups. Well, Chula isn't all that fuzzy, but Hurley makes up for her and then some. Hurley is in constant need of bath, but he's so cute you just can't fault him.

Something I want to dye

Grrr. This just ticks me off! The dry cleaner said this shirt was brought in this way. Papa generally doesn't eat dry cleaning fluid and dribble it down the front of his garment. I know I could fight them on it, but it just doesn't seem worth the hassle. I'll go buy him a new shirt and save myself the aggravation. And I won't use that cleaners again. Reid's cleaners at the "Y" in Oak Hill for those of you who want to know where to stay away from with your dry-cleanables.

Happy Easter! Be blessed!



Angela said...

LMAO Looks like a fun night! Totally enjoy your blog!

Sheri & SuZan said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! The fuzzy picture is soooo cute.

I would be pissed too! I had a simular situation and needless to say, I haven't been back.