Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee

My boys received insect kits from the Easter Bunny. ;)

They have been bug-finding fools! Everywhere they go they're looking to collect creatures and put them in these plastic boxes and peer at them through magnifying glasses. This whole process is creepy to me. I suppose, as a girl, I'll never understand the bug fascination.

It makes me realize my boys are moving into a new stage of their life. They enjoy having me around for afternoon snack and seeing my face in their schools, but it's Daddy the wait for each night. Daddy takes them to the dog park and to play basketball. Daddy has them washing the car and building go-carts. I'm good for a peanut butter and 'nanner sandwich.

At first I was a little bitter about this transition, but I'm actually getting a little more excited. Now that the boys are needing me less I'm able to pursue my own interests. I've been wanting to work on setting up my own VA business for over a year, but felt the timing wasn't right. I've been doing a lot more research, defining my market and putting together a business plan. I'm really stoked about the possibilities.



Candy said...

Yeah, Jamie is daddy's boy too... but ya know, when they need a hug, they still come running so I guess we aren't totally forgotten... still, sometimes I miss my cuddle buddy.

Drama Mama said...

I miss my baby too...and I really wanna do the VA thing, but I'm afraid of the whole "my own business" thing. Then if it fails...I can only blame me..and where is the fun in THAT??

Dy said...

*hugs* on the Daddy preference & Grats! on the more me-time thing!

Krisco said...

That is a bummer of a transition...and kind of liberating too.

I'm sorry if I missed this earlier, or just can't put two and two together, but....what is a VA business?