Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Huntin' We Will Go

The annual Easter Egg Hunt arrives.

Every year my boys go to at least three egg hunts. They LOVE it. Papa told J-boy that no more egg hunts after you're 8-years-old and J-boy wasn't having it. Of course, J-boy knew Papa was just joking. As long as J-boy will agree to it, the hunt will continue.

Z-boy had his class egg hunt yesterday. It's a bummer the grade schools still don't do this kind of fun stuff. As Z-boy was hunting this year I was once again sad that he's on his "last" of things. Z-boy's teacher last year, a mom of two grown boys, told me that I'd be emotional about all of J-boy's "firsts" and all of Z-boy's "lasts". She was right.

So let's celebrate Z-boy's last egg hunt as a preschooler.



Lisa said...

I'm awful. The kid's school hunt is today, and I forgot to send him eggs!! He reminds me this morning, and tells me he cant go on the hunt without eggs....:0(

Candy said...

Awwww... so cute! I'm so busy that I've not done jack for Easter yet... hopefully the Easter Bunny gets with it this year too!