Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Marketing 101

The other day in the halls this woman, with whom I'm vaguely acquainted from one of my many aforementioned commitments, stops me to ask if I'll host a multi-level home party for her. She's pimping something - I'm not sure of the company - and gives me her pitch about earning free product.

No, thank you, I tell her as politely as I can, but she preservers. Eventually she says she'll follow up with me. Whatever.

So I'm looking at something posted in the hall (the silent auction winners for you inquiring minds) and she tells me that she saw my name on such-and-such a bid. Funny, I didn't bid on that one. Hmmm. So I go over to take a look-see and I see another name that looks sort of like mine, but not really. I tell her that's not me and she tells me "oh, well I don't really know your first name."

Come again? You're asking me to host a party, to invite my friends over to listen to you peddle your wares while I serve refreshments and YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW MY FUCKING NAME?? Not that would have agreed to this party in the first place, but c'mon don't they go over this with recruits in the rah-rah meetings all direct sales companies hold??

So if you don't know, if you're asking a favor of someone, it makes a real nice impression if you know their name.

Good grief, Charlie Brown!!



Amy said...

Or at the very least, PRETEND to know your name LOL. Miss you!!!

Mama C said...

That is the worst! And to admit it to your face....she is an idiot!

Candy said...

I freaking hate the MLM "home sales" crap... sorry, candles too... LOL... I want to scream "go away!"... but yeah, really stupid to not even know your name. Duh.

BTW, I **HATE** you... I can't stop playing that stupid number game.