Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Goals

I've decided not to do the whole weight resolution. I'm just not there yet. Still I have so many other things I can resolve to do so here goes...

1) To stay on budget. Last year I created a budget - what a concept! This year I resolve to manage our money and be good stewards of what has been given to us.

2) To ride my bike. I finally got a helmet so I can set a good example for the kids so now I have no excuse. Of course, I haven't committed to a specific time or place to ride so I'm not so sure how this resolution will go.

3) To scrapbook at least once a week. I have tons of materials and tools and I need to use them. To that end I will not buy any more supplies (see resolution #1) until at least April 1 (Q2). I hope to get some friends to scrapbook with me during the day while the kiddos are in school, but we shall see. Either way I will commit to getting my pages caught up.

4) To have people over to our house. This goes to making relationships in the real world. As much as I value the people I "know" online I have to make an effort to keep in touch with the people in my world. There are people I'd love to get to know better and that means face time. It is inconvenient to create relationships, but no mom is an island so I gotta reach out.

5) To work on feathering my nest. I have a list of goals and projects I want to accomplish. I have little line item in my budget and Papa and I have identified one home improvement project a quarter. The first goal is to replace 2 light fixtures and add an outlet to the front of the house.

6) To drink more water. I'm really bad about living on coffee and diet coke so I must make this change!

Allrightee! There's my plan in blog. Anyone else want to share their resolutions?


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