Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Break In Pictures

I meant to post these earlier, but well, you know...

The Negotiator earned his archery belt loop at Cub World. All the cubs and dads went to a District sponsored event. I can rest easy knowing Boy 1 can bag a water buffalo in a famine.

Spring Break isn't a break without a carnival. We opted out of the official rodeo carnival for the rag-tag outfit about a mile from the house. We didn't have to pay for parking and the wrist bands were only a $1 more than at the Texas Star event. Neither boy noticed the difference so who are we tell them?

I love that they are each other's best buddies. They fight, but they do have a great time with one another. Makes my job much easier - and much harder.

We planted spring flowers. Our yard looks like doo doo. Papa and the boys spent some time getting the weeds out and adding a little color. I'm hoping to add more, but they were worn out with just the clearing stages.


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