Friday, December 01, 2006

The Mystery of Boys

My little boys are showing their genetics.

Oh my goodness these kids cannot sit still. That is of course unless they are in front of a video game. Otherwise they are perpetual movement. They can't sit still to eat, to do homework, not even to sleep judging by the way they toss and turn to get comfortable.

Yesterday we were at the dentist and they talked her ear off. Apparently they had been saving questions up for her since their last visit. She rocks. She patiently listened and answered all of their questions. She even chatted them up about spit and other good boy stuff. I was horrified. She looked and me and reassured me she understood. You see, she too has boy offspring. We looked at each other knowingly.

They've really gotten to the age where they prefer to hang out with Papa. They love me and want me to take care of them, but the other stuff is all about Dad. They go walking through the parks and creeks looking for bugs and reptiles. They climb trees. They build forts. They have burping contests. All activities of great fun, I'm sure, but I'm going to pass all the same.

I'm reading two books right now that I'm hoping we'll help me understand these male creatures that have invaded my home. So far I'm really caught up in Kids, Parents and Power Struggles. I'm also starting Bring Up Boys. Papa just finished that one and said he got a lot out of it. Any other suggestions?


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Beth said...

No but I'll take your suggestions. Lord knows I can use them too